International Seminar of Young Tibetologists

5th ISYT Conference report

5th ISYT Conference

Meeting report


Pavel Grokovskiy

Natalia Mikhaylova



St. Petersburg



The Fifth International Seminar of Young Tibetologists (ISYT 2018) was hosted by Saint-Petersburg State University. The Seminar lasted five days, from September 3rd to 7th, 2018 and invited about 80 presenters from 23 countries around the world.

Saint-Petersburg State University has offered courses in Asian Studies and, subsequently, Tibetology from the 19th century onwards. At present, the Faculty of Asian and African Studies of Saint-Petersburg State University looks back on more than a hundred and sixty years of teaching and research excellence. Renowned as a centre of classical Tibetology, the Saint-Petersburg School of Tibetan Studies is becoming more interdisciplinary now. Since 2011 its cooperation with other disciplines has encouraged the conveners of the Fifth International Seminar of Young Tibetologists to initiate a number of research projects, the results of which were presented at the ISYT 2018 by the young Tibetologists from St. Petersburg.

The conference was convened by Pavel Grokhovskiy and Natalia Mikhaylova with the help of a team of scholars based at Saint-Petersburg State University: Maria Smirnova, Alina Gribkova, Anna Kramskova, Polina Butsyk and Alla Sizova.

The ISYT 2018 conference organizers are extremely grateful to the ISYT Board and all those who helped them with reviewing, editing, translating and consulting in other forms for their invaluable support:

Kirill Alexeev, Robbie Barnett, Yusuke Bessho, Jeannine Bischoff, Trine Brox, Volker Caumanns, Olaf Czaja, Lewis Doney, Brandon Dotson, Cécile Ducher, Franz Xaver Erhard, Ruth Gamble, Emanuela Garatti, Kalsang Norbu Gurung, Jörg Heimbel, Nathan W. Hill, Theresia Hofer, Berthe Jansen, Natasha Mikles, Françoise Robin, Jan-Ulrich Sobisch, Emilia Roza Sulek, Tashi Tsering, Nikolay Tsyrempilov, Maria Turek, Vladimir Uspenskiy, Markus Viehbeck and Alexander Zorin.


Abstracts of papers presented at the seminar are available for downloading: Book of abstracts

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